“Optimism” on development?

Opinion: Is the Star correct?

Christopher Hume, the Toronto Star columnist wrote in an Aug. 7 column that there is reason for “optimism” about the developers that are changing the face ofToronto.

Developers have “matured” wrote Hume, “Developers, if not planners, now include residential, commercial, retail and institutional uses in their projects, as well as community amenities and a serious public realm.”

But Bloor Dufferin residents might be forgiven if they choked on what followed:

“Matt Young, vice-president of development at Capital Developments, talks of trying achieve that urban experience of ‘organized chaos’ at the 7.3-acre property his firm is remaking at Bloor St. W. and Dufferin St. This is a far cry from the regulated sterility of every purpose in its place.

“We spent 10 months doing public engagement,” Young explained. “The biggest thing we heard is that public space is a really important part of the project. We want to create a great public realm and affordable housing along with fine-grained retail.”

Parkland, good schools, and truly affordable housing has long been what our community wants but we aren’t sure the proposed Bloor/Durfferin proposal meets those standards. And we believe the public realm includes daycare, a community centre and performance space.

Young is correct when he says, “public space is a really important part of the project.” We’d like to hold him to that.

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