A Surprising Dufferin Mall Proposal


Parking lots into apartment towers


Have you heard that Primaris Management Inc. is proposing to turn the northern Dufferin Mall parking lots into apartment towers? This proposal for increased development near Bloor and Dufferin has increased the scope of our work as a Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 1.56.53 PMcommunity group. We see the proposal as another opportunity for responsible development that can benefit all members of our community, and the city at large. We are keen to hear the details and to participate in the upcoming community consultations.  You can be sure that we will advocate for measures to ensure community benefits on this site as well as the one to the north. 

Mark your calendars and join us!  There will be an information meeting on January 21st in the Bloor Collegiate Institute cafeteria. We’ll be there.


BBBD meets with developer of school lands

BBBD had a successful meeting on 26 November with Matt Young from Capital Developments. Councillor Ana Bailão also attended, as well as Kirk Hatcher and Svetlana Lavrentieva from City Planning (invited by the councillor’s office). 

We emerged from the meeting with a commitment from the developers to participate in a series of issue-specific meetings that BBBD will convene. We hope that these meetings will help us identify options to ensure that the proposal aligns with community expectations and needs.

We also discussed the importance of transparency in City-developer negotiations, and the necessity of including the community in these discussions. Matt agreed to propose to his team that BBBD be included in future discussions with the City. 

As we continue our discussions with the developers, BBBD will continue to engage the community online and through in-person meetings and outreach, to ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date and that we are accurately reflecting the most pressing community concerns. 


A fantastic costume and fantastic cause


Jordi Conway would certainly scare us into donating

BBBD’s most recent community hero is local resident Jordi Conway who fundraised for us on Halloween night. Eleven-year-old Jordi collects money for social and environmental causes each year while trick or treating. He decided to support BBBD after watching this short documentary about our concerns, and not only raised $112 but raised awarenesss by talking to neighbours as he went house to house. Thank you Jordi!

BBBD has had a busy fall:

BBBD gains “standing” before LPAT

Our Ward 9 all-candidates debate




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