City Against Mall Towers

T/EY Community Council opposes Duff Towers proposal

Toronto East York Community Council, on July 16, voted to reject a proposed development of the north parking lot of Dufferin Mall into a series of apartment towers.

Council voted to direct city staff to oppose mall-owners, Primaris Management, who have gone to at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal claiming the City has not responded quickly enough to their development proposal.

City Planning detailed a list of concerns, including a too-small park, lack of affordable housing, and few public amenities, among other deficiencies. The City will probably argue before the LPAT that Primaris has not met the minimum requirements of the planning and development acts and therefore should have no expectation of quick City approval.

The City will continue to negotiate with Primaris about the development

Here’s the digital meeting. If you go to 1:56:30 you will hear the issue being debated. Erella Gagnon, speaking on behalf of Build a Better Bloor Dufferin and Councillor Ana Bailão voice their concerns.

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