BBBD gains “standing” before LPAT


Despite being closed as a TDSB school, Kent Public is still used today for visual arts and language classes.

We will have full access to the tribunal’s deliberations

On 5 November Build a Better Bloor Dufferin was given “standing” before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). As a party we will represent our interests at upcoming hearings.

The next pre-hearing on development of the school lands on the south-west corner of Bloor and Dufferin is scheduled for April 18 of next year.

“We got what we came for,” said Maggie Hutcheson, co-chair of the BBBD. She was one of a dozen neighbourhood residents and interested citizens at the session at the LPAT offices on Bay Street.

Bloor Dufferin Ltd. Partnership (the developer) has appealed to the LPAT about delays in having its development proposal approved by the City of Toronto.

BBBD wanted to have legal “standing” in these matters because party standing gives BBBD the right to speak before the adjudicators, call expert witnesses, and cross-examine witnesses testifying in the hearings. BBBD also seeks to understand the City Planning Department’s issues with the development and other factors surrounding the development.

The April pre-hearing will likely decide the issues to be explored at a full LPAT hearing—which might not happen for a year or more.

Tom Halinski, the lawyer representing the developers, said the proposal was for a “complete community” with residential and commercial space, a park, public plaza and community hub. The initial application was submitted to the city in 2017, then appealed in late March 2018 to the LPAT. A revised proposal, with smaller towers and more park and public space, was submitted in April. It is still under review by the City Planning Department.

By appealing to the LPAT even before submitting their revised proposal, the developers will be grandfathered into hearings under the old Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) rules. The LPAT is the successor to the OMB, but planning issue appeals registered before spring 2018 are grandfathered into the old OMB rules.

Critics claim that the OMB favours developers over local resident groups because of the expertise, money, and lengthy hearings that OMB hearings entailed. The new LPAT system is supposed to give the local communities more input into the process.

City of Toronto lawyer Daniel Elmadany said the development will probably not be debated at City Council before the new year. His department still awaits instructions from Council before it prepares a list of issues and procedural orders to share with parties to the development 30 days before the April pre-hearing.

Andrea Adams, who represented BBBD, said our group needs adequate time to review the issues coming before the LPAT. The BBBD already shared a list of our issues about the development with the developer and city planning.

LPAT Adjudicator Lori Bruce said it might be two years before the developer’s appeal reaches a full hearing.

One surprising development was the presence of lawyer Mike Federick representing Dufferin Mall Holdings. The mall was also granted standing as a party.

Three local residents were granted “participant” status for the coming hearings. This means they can make presentations before LPAT but can’t call or cross-examine witnesses.

BBBD to Local Planning Appeal Tribunal

To seek standing at LPAT pre-hearing on Monday Nov. 5



This sign at Kent Public School says “site of a new high school, community hub and licensed chid care centre” Promises made to us—our community—when sale of the site was first proposed.


We’ve been busy! In mid October the Build a Better Bloor Dufferin coalition hosted an all-candidates meeting to a packed house. It was invigorating to hear civil debate prior to the city election.

Since then we’ve been working hard to prepare for the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)where we will seek standing as a “party.” As a resident-led community group we’ve been impressed and inspired by the range of skills and level of support from our neighbour volunteers. We are grateful for recent advice from community experts and planning lawyers about their experiences with the OMB/LPAT. And we’re grateful for the dozens of volunteers who’ve helped out with community outreach, youth involvement, research, and so much more. Our community is diverse but one thing we have in common is how much we care about this neighbourhood and its future!

A “party” at the LPAT

The LPAT is the successor of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Capital Developments has sought a hearing before the LPAT/OMB because they feel that the City of Toronto has delayed planning approval.

Capital Developments has submitted a proposal to the City of Toronto to tear down three existing schools on the site and build condo towers with more than 2,000 units. The Bloor Dufferin community has demanded that any development there—formerly public lands —should include provision for parks, housing, community spaces, and a new, modern high-school to replace our beloved Bloor Collegiate Institute.

By becoming a full so-called party in the hearings, BBBD will be able to present expert testimony, question development plans, and represent the community’s concerns about the development of the seven-acre site at Bloor and Dufferin.

About Monday’s Meeting

Any resident or business owner can come to the LPAT pre-hearing on November 5 to present your own concerns or to observe the pre-hearing. Tell us your concerns about the proposed development?

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (Toronto)

16th Floor, 655 Bay Street,


10:00 am, 5 November

A whole day has been set aside for a pre-hearing to determine when a full LPAT hearing on the development will be heard. (A full hearing may still be months away and could involve days.) Andrea Adams, a long-time resident, will speak as the representative for BBBD at the pre-hearing. We’ll be seeking more information about the development and the City of Toronto’s planning department position on how the development meets the Official Plan for the area.

What difference can you make?

Whether or not you attend the pre-hearing you can still make a BIG difference by giving your opinion about the proposed development on the City of Toronto planning department website. Click in the box that says submit your comments. We’ve been told that the City planning office reads every comment and will use these comments in the LPAT negotiations. In other words, every voice really does count. Talk to your neighbours and encourage them to speak up! What matters to you in a development at Bloor and Dufferin?

And of course share your views with our newly elected municipal representatives:

Ana Bialio

Councillor City of Toronto



Stephanie Donaldson

Toronto District School Board trustee:

Twitter: @Steph4schools

Facebook @StephanieDonaldsonTO

Frank D’Amico

Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee:




For more information.

We’ll keep you posted about next steps.

The Build a Better Bloor Dufferin team.






bureaucrats & politicians DO listen


The Paradise theatre got a new marquee in Oct. A sign of what our neighbourhood used to be

The Nov. 5 LAPD hearing and a strategy meeting

Our community can directly influence the future of our neighbourhood. Capital Developments has appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board about supposed delays in approving their massive condo-project at Bloor/Dufferin.

A pre-hearing is being held Nov. 5 and we need to be there to make our views known:

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (Toronto)

16th Floor,

655 Bay Street, 

Toronto ON

M5G 1E5

10 a.m.

Come out and see how our democracy works. We’ve heard from local planners that the bureaucracy actually pays attention to what the public says. And they have noted the extreme interest we have in proper re-development of our school lands on the south-west corner of Bloor and Dufferin.

If you can’t be there, contact Graham Frank. He’s the case co-ordinator for the pre-hearing. Tell him you are interested and would like to be updated on the hearing process:

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal

Graham Frank, Case Coordinator, Planner,

(416) 326-3047 


Help us plan our strategy:

Build a Better Bloor Dufferin

Oct. 29

Working Women Community Centre

Bloor and Gladstone

6 p.m. 

(enter from the 533A Gladstone Ave. entrance)

If your have knowledge of the planning process or if you if you can attend the pre-hearing, come out and plan the best way to make our voices heard.

Help by contacting our newly-elected municipal representatives:

City Councillor: Ana Bialio



Toronto District School Board trustee: Stephanie Donaldson

Twitter: @Steph4schools

Facebook @StephanieDonaldsonTO

Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee: Frank D’Amico



Or spend a few minutes giving your opinion on the City of Toronto planning department website.

Just hit the Toronto Public Consultation link on Toronto’s Development Application website to write your comments.

All Candidates Meeting

OCT 22 is election day.

Here’s a link to a City of Toronto website. Type in your address and the site will help you find out who is running in our Ward 9

You can also confirm where  you vote.

And most of all make the effort to VOTE.

Candidates understand development pressures

A packed crowd of 175 attended the BBBD all-candidates meeting at New Horizon’s towers on Oct. 18.

Three candidates for councillor in our Ward 9 discussed the rapid scale of development in the ward and their commitment to preservation of our community.

Read the details of the debate on our Twitter feed @buildbloor or here.


Below are two You Tube videos of the event:

Tomorrow’s leaders have a message

West NH volunteers promote Thursday’s All Candidates Meeting.




We put the call out to West Neighbourhood House newcomer youth program for volunteers to help promote our All Candidates Meeting this Thursday, (Oct.18) and did they ever deliver! 

About 40 young leaders showed up to lend a hand. West NH staff were there to help. With everyone’s hard work, we were able to blanket the neighbourhood with leaflets and posters. Spot them on Bloor and in a mailbox near you. A few of the youth even signed up to provide whisper translation in Mandarin on Thursday. 

Thanks to Yasmin and colleagues for co-ordinating the youth and to Working Women Community Centre for providing a welcoming space where we could gather to get organized and warm up. 


Advance polls are now closed.

Here’s how you find out where to vote on election day:

October 22 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m

October Update

The municipal election, Oct. 22,  and a Nov. 5 hearing before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal about the massive development at Bloor-Dufferin will decide the future of our community. Your support has never been more important! 

Here are three simple ways you can make sure this public land is used for public good:

1) Come to BBBD’s candidates’ debate

Come hear what your Council candidates have to say about development in Davenport. How will they use their role to keep our changing neighbourhoods affordable, livable, and inclusive?

Thursday, 18 October, 201

New Horizons auditorium

1140 Bloor St. West at Dufferin.

Doors at 7, debate starts at 7:30. The venue is wheelchair accessible, and ASL interpretation and child-minding will be available. A BBBD volunteer will provide “whisper translation” in Portuguese.  Contact usif you can do the same in Mandarin, Vietnamese, or another neighbourhood language (don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional interpreter or speak in public).

BBBDCapitalsite view101018

2) Send the City your comments about the proposal

Thanks to everyone who has sent comments to City Planning about the proposed development. Your input is having a real impact! We hear that the City has received more comments than usual about this file – and they are taking them very seriously. This is the most important thing we can do to influence the City’s decision about the current proposal for 2098 unaffordable condos, multiple big-box stores, and less than 1 acre of green space. If you haven’t sent your feedback yet, take a moment now to let the City know that you want to see a large public park, space for community services and the arts, and deeply affordable housing at Bloor and Dufferin.

Have your say at the City Planning web page for the development.


3) Help BBBD get to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal

We have just been notified that a pre-trial conference about the proposed development has been scheduled for November 5. It is critical for BBBD to represent the community’s perspective at the LPAT – and we need your help to get there! We are looking for legal and planning advice, community input, and funds to help us hire lawyers and experts. Contact us if you can help.

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, or LPAT, is the new body that will replace the old Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The OMB was notorious for siding with deep-pocketed developers against municipal planning decisions, and it was almost impossible for neighbourhood residents to defeat harmful developments at the OMB. Will the LPAT improve on this legacy, level the playing field, and help residents protect our neighbourhoods from the development gold rush? The Bloor-Dufferin case will be one of the first opportunities to test this out.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.06.57 AM

Here’s what it means for you.


A Candidates’ Debate:

Development in Davenport

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Doors at 7, debate at 7:30 p.m.

New Horizons Auditorium

1140 Bloor St. W.


Bloor/Dovercourt  date unknown courtesy Ann Ball


With huge projects planned at Bloor-Dufferin, The Galleria and along the rail path, Davenport will see massive develop-development in the coming decade.

But how will these changes affect our affordable and vibrant neighbourhoods?

Where are the benefits to the community?

And how can residents have a real say in the future of our ward?

Come here what your candidates have to say about development.

How will they use their role as City Councillor to to keep our changing neighbourhoods livable and inclusive?

Sponsored by Build a Better Bloor-Dufferin. BBBD is a group of residents, local business owners, artists, service organizations, and members of the local school communities dedicated to the sustainable development of the Bloor Dufferin neighbourhood as it changes with the proposed new development at the southwest corner of Bloor and Dufferin.


BBBD has not endorsed candidates in the 2018 municipal election. In the chaos created by changes to our electoral process it is important we take the time to familiarize ourselves with the candidates and issues, ask questions, work for candidates who support our values. AND VOTE.

If you don’t know where to vote, consult:

Advance Polls

From Wednesday October 10th to Sunday October 14th between 10am and 7pm each day. You can cast your ballot at one of two locations in Davenport:

  • Joseph J Piccininni Community Centre, 1369 St. Clair Ave W (near St. Clair Ave W and Lansdowne Ave)
  • Mary McCormick Recreation Centre, 66 Sheridan Ave (near Dufferin St and Dundas St W)


There are approximately 35 candidates for mayor. We have included only the two most prominent candidates.

John Tory




Jennifer Keesmaat

Office Phone: 416-848-2037





Ward nine—Davenport

If you don’t know where to vote, consult this City of Toronto map:
If you zoom in on your street, the map will indicate where you will vote.

City Council

Nahum Mann

Nahum served as chair and co-chair of the BBBD as we got started. When he decided to run for council he immediately withdrew from all activities with the group. He is a strong supporter of the Bloor/Dufferin community and will promote our values.


Anna Bailão

The incumbent from the southern portion of what is now Ward Nine. Expected to face a battle against Cesar Palacio, the ward-healer incumbent from the part of ward north of St. Clair. She was saved when Palazio retired from the field. It was expected to be one of the most interesting battles under the bastardized 25-member system.

Bailão knows the files, approves of our values, and has the ear of John Tory by sitting on his ghost cabinet, but is overwhelmed by development pressure.


1226 St. Clair Ave WestToronto, ON M6E






Mark Balack




Toronto District School Board

Stephanie Donaldson

She has been endorsed by Merit Styles, the present MPP (NDP) for the riding. Styles, before winning her seat in the 2018 election, was a TDSB trustee for the area.




Nancy Caetano

Contact information is not available

Inga Cernei

942 Yonge St, Unit PH107, Toronto, ON M4W 3S8

416-969-8845 Ext. 223



Tania Principe

Whois: (IP: