Future of our community

We want four floors and a green roof

Councillor Ana Bailão addresses the crowd at a June 24 meeting on the Future of Davenport.

The future of our community was the topic for a June 24th meeting convened by Councillor Ana Bailão at Bloor Collegiate Institute. Here’s an update on the meeting and the sale of our school lands.

BCI to Central Tech 2020

New details on the closing of Bloor Collegiate, the two-years our beloved high school will co-habit in Central Tech and the reasons why our students can’t stay in our community until a new high school is built. Condos trump students.
—Joe McAllister

Clay and Paper at 25

NO this is not the Ontario Municipal Board as envisioned by Doug Ford. It’s the Mad Hatters who were participating in the 25th Anniversary celebration of Clay and Paper Theatre. (L-R Jordan, Kelsey and Rob). OK, you are forgiven for thinking this is a municipal planning body.

On June 15 Dufferin Grove Park was treated to a parade and performance by our friends in Clay and Paper Theatre.

It was the 25th anniversary of this iconic West End theatre group. And they promise this autumn’s Night of the Dread—a “must” in the west end’s social calendar—will be bigger and better than ever.

NO, this is not the most recent patronage appointment by Doug Ford. It’s Elsie in a 25th anniversary birthday cake. She’s celebrating Clay and Paper Theatre and is the Goddess of Dufferin Grove Park.

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