We’re Number One!!!! —in TTC bus overcrowding

Did you know that the Dufferin 29 bus is the most overcrowded bus route on the TTC? As you wait for the next convoy of Dufferin buses to arrive are you surprised?

Not only that but the Dufferin Express bus (929) and the Lansdowne (47 ) bus are among Toronto’s top ten overcrowded routes.

Has any developer building mega-condo developments along Dufferin told you how bad bus connections will be with increased development? Have a look at this Toronto Star report.

BCI to Central Tech 2020

New details on the closing of Bloor Collegiate, the two-years our beloved high school will co-habit in Central Tech and the reasons why our students can’t stay in our community until a new high school is built. Condos trump students.
—Joe McAllister

Lament for our local speakeasy

The sale, to a condo developer, of The Matador on Dovercourt at College has something to teach us about what our community once was. The historic dance hall/speakeasy was seeking a legitimate place in our neighborhood but after a five year attempt, a dream died. Here are a couple of lovely, elegiac column about the early-May sale of The Matador to condo developers. They are  from Ben Rayner, the Toronto Star’s music critic, who also happens to be a west-end resident and columnist Edward Keenan.

—Joe McAllister

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