How high the sky?

Comparison of the towers coming to Bloor Dufferin

Richard Male, a local resident, put together this graph that illustrates how high the proposed condo and apartment towers are in comparison to existing buildings. The luxury towers slated for the school lands and the parking lots at Dufferin mall are way out of scale in comparison to what already exists in our neighbourhood.

On the left are existing high rises in our neighbourhood; 919 Bloor, for example, is the New Horizon Towers.

B-Ball to condo sales

That lonely, but much-used, basketball net smack on the corner of Bloor Dufferin to become condo sales office. BCI grad Nick Vo shoots a few hoops 

Along with a proposed sales office for the condo towers, Capital Developments have also pitched an artist’s alley and market square in the form of container markets. 

Sufferin’ Dufferin 29

Our favourite bus route gets some needed attention

TTC Riders, a transit advocacy group, has stirred up a storm about our favourite bus route…the Sufferin’ Dufferin 29. That’s what one protestor wrote on a sign at a July 25 morning rush hour demonstration at the Dufferin station.

Here’s a CTV report and one from CityTV. But what about the developers proposing massive condo and apartment towers for our community, do they have a responsibility to improve our public transit. A few ideas about what they could do to help move buses and transit through the Bloor Dufferin intersection.

Have your say before it’s all destroyed

What to demand for selling our schools? You decide.

As of mid-July , demolition of Brockton High School is nearly completed. Construction of a new BCI starts in the next few months.

Voice your concerns as we build Bloor Dufferin. Answer our BBBD Community Survey Summer 2019 questionnaire and tell us what we should be fighting for. We want to know. Voice your concerns as we build Bloor Dufferin.

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