Our community’s vision

Committee report maps way to successful Duff Mall development

A committee convened by our Ward-19 councillor, Ana Bailão has presented a vision statement to the mall’s owners Primaris Management.

Primaris has applied for rezoning of the northern section of Dufferin Mall. The area, now mainly parking lots, would be redeveloped to include apartment towers with about 1,135 residential units.

Bailão set up the committee in late spring, 2020, in an attempt to bridge concerns the community has expressed about affordable housing, parks, transit and community space. The committee includes representatives of: Primaris and its architectural firms, local residents, and community organizations.

As a way of supporting engagement, the community members of Ana’s committee, which includes members of Build a Better Bloor Dufferin, came up with a Vision statement.

That Vision Statement is below. Take the time to read it and tell us what you think.

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